Monday, February 28, 2011

TTTOY: Maqlosa 2nd

From TTToy, Maqlosa 2nd available now at: TTToy Shop 3990 yen

Blobpus: Blobpus Alien Argus Custom

Gorgeous Alien Argus custom by Blobpus

Now available along with the remaining customs from the Alien Argus Group Show at TAG: HERE

BEMON: Rare Mixed Marbled Cream Bemon

Spotted in the wild, believe its 1 of 2 mixed cream marbled Bemons

RANDOM: Awesome pink Gorilla Ju factory pics

Some random unpainted Gorilla Ju pics from the recent pink release:

Gorilla Ju head stencil is badass!

Brass Gorilla Ju?!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

REALxHEAD: New Chaos and more from Shinto Gangu

Releases from this past weekend at Shinto Gangu:

Pics and info via Kaiju Korner

RESTORE: Artwork for possible second vinyl figure

The prototype for Restore's first vinyl figure, the Oni, was recently revealed:

Restore's artwork section now shows artwork for a possible second vinyl figure:



New Skull Barbarian from Secret Base, part of the Warriors Series:

4410 yen.  Available at